2022 Qatar World Cup Schedule

qatar_.jpgFIFA World Cup held in Qatar basically decided between November 2022 to December, the World Cup has been a preliminary schedule of specific programs, the most talked about of the final day of December 23 will be carried out before the Christmas holidays the Western tradition. The news came after the crusade against the tide of public opinion immediately.

Anglo-German opposition to the World Cup for Christmas dinner. FIFA Secretary General Walker declared December 23 were Qatar World Cup final program is by far the most reasonable. As recommended by the study group, the Qatar World Cup race will be compressed 32 days to 28 days, the game is best from November 26 open play, December 23 finalist. FIFA believes that this will give fans around the world is definitely not the same as a Christmas dinner.

But not everyone is looking forward to the Christmas dinner, the FA put forward strongly opposed. British made, Christmas schedule is the pride and tradition of English football, around Christmas is not only the Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup and other events staged by the British fans have become accustomed to watching various events during the Christmas season, In addition to the two world wars outside this habit has never been changed. Premier League chief executive, said the end of the World Cup before Christmas will seriously hurt English football's greatest traditions and attractiveness, Christmas and New Year period for all events will be forced to change the schedule. Final day of the German Football Association also arrange dissatisfied German fans accustomed to the open-air mass in the big screen to watch live, prefer and family during the Christmas season, this time watching the World Cup finals in Germany will seriously affect the fans watching habits.

FIFA claims that have been agreed on six continents FIFA World Cup in 2022 changed to winter hold, but still give the world public opinion strongly questioned, and even less affected by the US media that FIFA's decision "stupid" because it make the World Cup in the United States exclusive broadcaster Fox Broadcasting company suffered huge advertising losses. Currently, FIFA has decided to discuss the final plan to do the race in the winter session of the Board on March 19 and 20 May, the specific schedule will also be introduced.

European League was cut hard to avoid winter to the Gulf to see the World Cup, it sounds very romantic, but to do it is another story. In fact, if the World Cup held true in the winter, the impact on the European leagues and even up to three years, it is no wonder Rummenigge insists the FIFA compensation.

World Cup race only a month or so, but the training camp to prepare for the date is usually two months. World Cup in Brazil, for example, no later than the end of the Europa League in May 15, and the World Cup final in July 14, just two months before, so the direct impact of the winter season for the league to do also need 60 days. So far, FIFA did not propose specific programs, such as the European leagues during the World Cup is all the disruption or conduct business as usual. The latter is unlikely, after all, the League and the World Cup competition for ratings is purely knocked, but all giants in up to two months by the same bench support champion cause unrealistic. It would appear that the basic cut-linking race inevitable. British media reports, FIFA and UEFA, the European Club Association has start time on Qatar World Cup basic agreement, which also received the results of the European League was cut. To this end, FIFA will be paid to the loss of a total of 135 million pounds of European club compensation.

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