Azar: This Trophy Belongs not Only to the Players, also Belong to the Fans


Chelsea won the first weekend of the season championship, Azar said that this trophy belongs not only to the players, too, belong to the fans. Buy FIFA 15 coins Online.

League Cup final, more than 30,000 fans came to Wembley Blues scene, millions of fans around the world watched the broadcast, the witness of our victory over city rivals Tottenham.

The victory for all who support Chelsea brings joy. Told Chelsea's official website interview, Azar affirmed the fans contribution.

"They are really incredible." Azar said, "Every season, they are waiting for the trophy, as long as Chelsea play, you have to win the trophy. This is not just our victory is their victory."

"To hear the fans sing your name, the feeling is always good. I want to score, not just for me and the team, but also for them to celebrate with them after the game is great."

"We know how important the game against Tottenham in the eyes of the fans. The last time we lost to them, but we deserved this victory. Very pleased to bring the trophy back to Stamford Bridge."

Fans celebrate lasted a long time, you players are back to normal on Monday afternoon training, preparing for Beijing Thursday morning guests West Ham in the Premier League.

Azar said, considering the week play West Ham, the team only in the locker room after celebrating the final victory.

"Win a final, followed by another fight league, the feeling is a bit strange, but this season we have a lot of games to play, to be ready."

"To see a smile on every player's face is of course a good thing, but we did not do anything special. We did not partying or something. I go home, go home to their families. We have a midweek game , there was a very important game. This is now the focus of our attention. "

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