There is someting you need to know about buy fifa 15 coins for FIFA 15 St. Patrick’s Day Tournament on Mar 17

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( ) — Based on the tradition, another rendition of FIFA 15 St. Patrick’s Day tournament may hit the shelves on March 17, 2015. It will be the best chance to get FIFA 15 coins for free. Here are what you must know to take part in the tournament and how to get free FIFA 15 coins.

What you must know before joining in the tournament

Squad: your FUT squad must consist of 18 players from Republic of Ireland, 18 players from Northern Ireland or 18 players from the Irish Airtricity League, similarly to that in FIFA 14.
Rewards: Last year, the first tournament trophy was awarded 15,000 coins + 1 premium gold jumbo pack (online) and 10,000 coins + 1 premium gold pack (offline).
Date to start: around March 17, 2015.

Tips to participate in the tournament and win

1. Choose the right players. You need players to fill your roster, and you should choose some decent bronze players for your bench.
2. Buy players in advance. With the approaching of the tournament, some players will become extremely costly, such as McGeady went for +8,000 at his peak, while Shane Long went for 50,000 at one point. So you need to buy them when they are cheap with FIFA 15 coins xbox 360.
There is no doubt that it is a good opportunity to earn FUT 15 coins fast. But be aware that, don’t sell the cards until the tournament starts. It is best to sell around a week before the tournament starts.

Winning the tournament, you will be rewarded plenty of FIFA 15 coins free. The opportunity knocks once! So before the rise of FIFA 15 coins cost, purchase fut 15 coins cheap with exclusive 8% discount code “FIFANS” at UTfifa15coins now.

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