UTfifa15coins Guides you how to Penalties in FIFA 15


Penalties is important in FIFA 15 Coins if you want to perform an effective attack in a match. Then you need to learn how to Penalties. Here we have some tips and tricks for you. Though it might be boring to practice the Penalties.


Scoring from the 12 yard spot sounds simple but as we’ve all seen both in real life and in the game that it can often be far trickier than it seems.


In order to help you out EA have published a short video talking you through the basics, various methods of taking penalties and how to actually save it yourself.


First things first, you should always make sure you’re picking the best man for the job, which you can check by pressing RT/R2 before the penalty is taken and make sure the player taking it has a high penalty taking attribute.


FIFA 15 Squad Builder – Serie A Pace XI

Then press the shoot button shortly before the marker hits the green area in order to allow for reaction time, aim whilst you’re powering up the shot and remember that the invisible aiming marker will move faster as your aim gets closer towards the goal frame.


They suggest that the best way to take a penalty is to aim slightly above the keeper and hit the ball hard although if you think your opponent is going to do this to you then just press up on the right stick.


Penalties can often deny careers for players and they are a crucial skill.


The stutter penalty can be useful when you are trying to psyche your opponent out and can be performed by press shoot again during the run-up of your penalty, but be aware the aiming marker will become bigger and will move quicker after doing this so be gentle with your aiming.


The chip can be performed by pressing LB/L1 during the run-up and whilst it is useful, should the keeper dive, it will limit you to aim in just the middle third of the goal.


When you are trying to save a penalty you should use the right stick to dive and you can either try to guess which way your opponent is going or react once the ball has been kicked although this latter method is much harder.


There are also a variety of mind games you can play with your opponents before they take the penalty by pressing various buttons.


These include pressing shoot to point to an area of the goal, pressing pass to act wobbly at the knees, press through ball to wave your arms and press cross to perform a matador pose and of course remember with penalties that practice makes perfect. And you can use these skills to win your game and get FIFA 15 coins just in the situation that when your player is countering and you’re waiting for your players to catch up.


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