Welcome Busquets, Depay, Schurrle to join the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team


Gamers can choose how to use them in their own teams

As it does every week, the development team at EA Sports is ready to reveal the players that are part of the Team of the Week package for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15, with gamers soon able to get them in packs in order to bolster their own teams as they seek to get more wins over friends and rivals.


The biggest star of the first eleven is Sergio Busquets, who has managed to put in a very solid performance for Barcelona as the team aims to catch up to Real Madrid in Spain.


The attack line is made up of three players: Aubameyang, who has been quietly impressing for Borussia, flanked by Morata and Depay.


In midfield the studio has selected three players to accompany the Barcelona star: Merterns, Schurrle and the up and coming Saul.


The defensive line is formed by three players: Kouyate, Jardel and Michel.


The goalkeeper, who is essential to a good roster, is Lopes from OL in France.


The developers are also including seven substitutes, although players tend to quickly move them to the market after picking up a pack in order to get the funds they need to get more high-caliber players.

FIFA 15 needs Team of the Week packs and community events


Ultimate Team has been quietly becoming the most important part of FIFA as a series when it comes to long-term support, and the regular packages and new player cards are a sign that there’s a lot of revenue coming to Electronic Arts from this source.


There are still many gamers who do not enjoy the mode, and for those EA Sports has already introduced all the transfers that happened in the real world during the January window, allowing them to play with teams that have accurate rosters.


The studio is also running a number of events, the most recent of which involves a collaboration with Liverpool for the Goal of the Month competition which can result in some tickets to the final match of the season.


A new title in FIFA series will presumably be revealed in time for the E3 2014 event, which will take place in June. So you can buy FIFA Coins at UTfifacoins to get them in FUT, They Performance will not let you be disappointed!

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