What’s going on EA FIFA 15? Their servers are down again



Update 2:30 PM: Over the past 12 hours, there have been intermittent reports that the EA servers  are down. EA suffered huge issues with the server two days ago, as reported here at Full FIFA. Gamers from FIFA 15, Battlefield 4 and Madden 2015 are currently experiencing significant issues.

Update 6:52 PM: There has been a surge in reports concerning the servers. What’s going on EA?


“The EA servers are not available at this time. Please try again later,” is the message FIFA players are getting when trying to play online.

One disgruntled gamer stated, “this server is S**T CLOSE IT S**T.”


EA Sports FIFA twitter page has not formally reported the problem, but  it questions the franchises ability to provide a conducive gaming environment for patrons. With FIFA 16 and Madden 16 slated to drop in 7 months, how will EA combat this constant problem? So let's have a break if your FIFA 15 have same problems, You can buy some cheap FIFA 15 Coins, which can help imporve your team's strength! We will outcompete more ferocious rivals when the server return to normal.



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