Wishlist on FIFA 16

Soon after having played the all-new FIFA, edition of the year, gamers start formulating a wish list of the features they would like to see in the following version. Buy FIFA 15 coins Online.

Released in the fall of 2014, FIFA 15 came along with the tagline ‘Feel the Game.’ It was a clear indication of the fact that the company was striving towards making the game as realistic as they possibly could on the next-gen gaming consoles, and they did manage to successfully do it to a certain extent.

The FIFA series finally got what the gamers had been asking for; emotional intelligence. The emotional intelligence aspect was designed to trigger players react spontaneously to the situation on-hand, as often done in real-life.

Every once in a while, the game had its glitches, much to the annoyance of many gamers; an element that must have made EA Sports lose some sweat.

Apart from this, FIFA 15, as expected, incorporated a number of changes from the past year. Rosters had been updated, new teams from MLS had been added, while all 20 Premier League squads had their home grounds added to the game.

As for FIFA 16, the game is expected to be officially disclosed to the world at the E3 Conference, scheduled to be held in June ’15, with the game set to launch in the fall of 2015. Although EA is yet to give away statements regarding the game, developers have confirmed that they are striving hard to enhance the gameplay on-offer, making the experience a lot more realistic for the gamers.d.jpg

As for the new additions to the game, several elements have been in-line for a while, and it is expected that most of them, if not all, would feature in FIFA 16.

Of course, new squads, stadiums, coaches, players, and staff are expected to be added to the game, as has always been the case. Apart from this, EA is also expected to emphasize on the emotional intelligence element of the game, giving it an even more realistic touch.

Stretchers/Ambulances alongside medical staff are expected to be added to the game. Crowds are expected to be worked on, while new celebrations are also expected. Live press conferences, manager dismissals, conservation stats, and new tactics are among the features that are expected to feature when the game gets officially announced to the world at the E3 Conference.

Nothing has changed in the past decade, and the excitement levels of gamers seems to be sky-high in regards to the launch of the game. One thing is for sure, it is going to be huge.

The game is set to be launched on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows.

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